US customers visit fertilizer production plant at the Tianci factory


Last week, two American customers came to our factory to visit fertilizer production plant. We received these two guests from afar and introduced to them the equipment of fertilizer granulation which they were interested in.

Our bosses, general managers and related personnel received these two American customers. First of all, we introduced our main products to them. We are a specialized manufacturer of organic fertilizer plant, NPK fertilizer plant, fertilizer granulation plant, our main products are fertilizer granulator, fertilizer dryer, fertilizer cooler, fertilizer drum screening machine and other equipment. After understanding their ideas and production needs, we put forward suggestions on production equipment for them. As shown in the figure, our staff are introducing the fertilizer granulation production line to them. Fertilizer granulation production line equipment can make fertilizer into special fertilizer granules, complete a series of production operations, high degree of automation, simple operation. We provide samples of fertilizer granules for customers'reference, and explain the treatment methods of fertilizer granulation production line for customers.
US customers visit fertilizer production plantUS customers visit fertilizer production plant

Our manager is introducing the fertilizer rotary drum dryer to our clients. The fertilizer dryer is the processing equipment for the second half of fertilizer production. Fertilizer granules are usually moist after granulation, which is not suitable for direct packaging. Therefore, in the process of fertilizer processing, they need to be treated by drying and cooling system.
Fertilizer rotary drum dryerFertilizer rotary drum screener

Clients are visiting our fertilizer screening machine, which is in the semi-finished stage. The frame structure of the screening machine is shown in the photo. Remove the shell of the screen, more convenient for customers to observe the internal structure.

After visiting our plant's fertilizer production plant, we contacted a nearby fertilizer factory to show our customers the actual production status of our plant. This fertilizer factory is using our NPK fertilizer production plant for fertilizer manufacturing. NPK fertilizer production plant can prepare different raw materials, and flexibly produce different kinds of special fertilizers according to the formula. It is widely used in fertilizer production.
US customers visit fertilizer production plant