3.6m diameter stainless steel disc granulator sent to Colombia


Recently, the Tianci fertilizer plant exported a disc fertilizer granulator to Colombia. The disc granulator adopts a unique stainless steel lining, which is very solid and not easy to damage, and is suitable for pelletizing a variety of materials.
fertilizer disc pan granulator
The disc granulator exported this time has a larger diameter than the general machine, which is 3.6m, and its production capacity is stronger. Disc granulator is a kind of granulator equipment widely used in organic fertilizer production line. Reasonable selection of the parameters of the granulator is one of the ways to increase the output and also an important factor to reduce the cost of the product. The disk granulator with corresponding production capacity can meet the standard of the production line.

Disc pan granulator is a kind of practical fertilizer granulator, but like all fertilizer granulation equipment, we still need to pay attention to the maintenance work in daily practice. It is necessary to add lubricating oil to the disc fertilizer granulator for maintenance after a period of use. So how to refuel, how to change oil is more appropriate?

1. First of all, clean the box and oil filter before changing oil. After clarifying the lubricating oil used this time, put the clean lubricating oil on the upper layer into the box again for cleaning, and then discharge it, and install new lubricating oil. Generally, after the first 500 hours of use, the lubricating oil needs to be changed once,

2. Secondly, it should be noted that the oil level in normal operation is not lower than the center line of the oil standard, and it should be supplemented immediately if it is lower than the center line. After the first oil change, change the oil every 3000 hours later.

3. Finally, the transmission box shall be cleaned regularly every month, and the lubricating oil filter shall be cleaned every week during the running in period. The method is very simple. Find the oil way filter, open it and take out the dirt.

The equipment must be maintained in time and replaced with new lubricating oil in time, so as to achieve the best working effect.