Treatment Site Of Fertilizer Fermentation Windrow Compost Turning Machine


Our factory designs a windrow compost turning machine specially used for the fermentation of strip stacked organic fertilizer. The windrow compost turning machine can walk freely and mix the fermented material on the ground. Compost turning machine is widely used in organic fertilizer production. It is the main equipment for compost fermentation, our factory sells well.

Manure cannot be applied directly to the land and must be fermented to be used as organic fertilizer. Because the feces will ferment under appropriate conditions and produce a lot of heat, burning the roots of the crops, while the feces themselves carry a lot of germs, causing disease hazards to the crops. Therefore, in the process of producing organic fertilizer by using manure, fermenting compost must be carried out. After fermentation, the manure balances the acidity and alkalinity of the organic fertilizer, reduces the nitrate content, and supplements the water, which is beneficial to the combined application of microbial bacteria in the soil. Moreover, after the other party is fermented, it can kill parasite eggs and harmful biological bacteria in the original manure, and prevent the bacteria and harm caused by the feces directly to the crops and soil.

The windrow compost turning machine needs an operator to control the machine forward in the machine. During the movement of the dumper, the material is overturned by rotating the churning teeth. The windrow compost turning machine not only promotes the fermentation of organic fertilizer, but also plays the role of mixing raw materials. windrow compost turning machine is a new type of product, which is driven by diesel oil on the power plant and can not skid on the material with large moisture content and save space. The image below is its processing site.
Windrow compost turning machineWindrow compost turning machine site

Fermented organic fertilizer is manufactured into fertilizer granules through the organic fertilizer production line. We have designed a professional production line for organic fertilizer processing. The compost powder is made into granular spheres by using the organic fertilizer granulator machine, which improves the performance and fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizer.