Client site for disc organic fertilizer granulator processing


Recently, an organic fertilizer disc granulation production line sold by our company has been successfully installed in the local area and put into normal use. The following picture is the site of organic fertilizer production and processing.
organic fertilizer disc granulation production line

Production Processing Method of Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator
The disc organic fertilizer granulator granulates by granulating method. There is a spraying device on the disc granulator, which can agglomerate and granulate by adding water to the material evenly. When particles roll down the disc surface, they will grow up gradually. The more times the material rolls in the disc per unit time, the faster the particles grow up. That is to say, the working efficiency of the granulator is proportional to the speed of the granulator. However, with the increase of the rotational speed of the granulating disc, the centrifugal force will increase, which will make the particles close to the edge of the disc and prevent the particles from rolling downward, and a funnel-shaped vortex will appear on the disc. In order to maintain the effective utilization area of the disk surface, it is necessary to increase the inclination of the disk while increasing the rotational speed. As the final speed of particle rolling increases with the increase of the disc inclination angle, the impact force to the edge of the disc and other particles also increases. Therefore, the optimum inclination angle should be set in the production of the disc to prevent damage to the rolling and granulation of materials and improve the production efficiency of the organic fertilizer disc granulator.
disc organic fertilizer granulatordisc organic fertilizer granulator

The whole organic fertilizer production line includes not only disc organic fertilizer granulator, but also organic fertilizer crusher, mixer, rotary dryer, rotary cooler and packing machine. In organic fertilizer granulation, we are a professional manufacturer of fertilizer machinery, providing various fertilizer granulator, fertilizer crusher, compost turner and other equipment, and planning professional organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer production line for customers.