Saudi customer visit organic fertilizer production equipment


Recently, Saudi customer came to our company for field visit. Among many fertilizer machine manufacturers, high-quality products and services, equipment and technology, and good industry development prospects are important reasons for attracting customers to visit.

Tianci Company has been focusing on the development and production of organic fertilizer equipment in the fertilizer equipment industry for many years. Our main products are: fertilizer granulator machine, fermentation compost turning machine, fertilizer screening machine, drum dryer, drum cooler, manure dewatering machine, etc. Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer now has a number of equipment invention patents and utility model patents, and is China's leading Chinese equipment factory.
Saudi customer visit organic fertilizer production equipment

On this visit, our engineers and general manager respectively introduced the production status, product details and future planning of the company to customers, introduced the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to customers in a simple way, and provided professional answers to customers' questions. Our staff's rich professional knowledge and ability to work have left a deep impression on customers. Subsequently, the two sides held technical communication and Discussion on the organic fertilizer production equipment that the customer wanted to purchase in the conference room.
Saudi customer visit organic fertilizer production equipmentSaudi customer visit organic fertilizer production equipment

Later, both parties came to the fertilizer equipment production site. We introduced the functions of fertilizer equipment for customers one by one, and demonstrated the granulation process with a fertilizer granulator on site. The product quality was highly praised by Saudi customers. The customer showed a strong interest in fertilizer granulator machine and expressed great appreciation for our management mode, and hoped to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our company. The two sides have conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation and hope to achieve win-win and common development in future cooperation projects.

The visit of Saudi customers has played a positive role in promoting the further expansion of our company's international business.