Libyan customers come to visit organic fertilizer equipment


On the 27th, a Libyan customer came to the factory of Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers and visited the equipment related to organic fertilizer manufacturing process. Our staff gave a warm reception and introduced the company's situation and equipment.
customer visit organic fertilizer crushercustomer visit fertilizer machine

Customers have a strong interest in the windrow turning machine, which is used for the material processing of the ground stacker fermentation. During fermentation, materials on the ground need to be stirred so that all materials can fully contact the air. The windrow turning machine can walk freely on the ground and stir the fermentation products. In the process of throwing and resetting, materials exchange heat and mass with air, water and carbon dioxide are lost, temperature is reduced, oxygen concentration is increased, which provides an appropriate environment for aerobic fermentation of microorganisms. Compost windrow turner belongs to small and medium-sized turner, which is relatively simple and convenient to operate. More and more farms tend to use composting to treat manure waste, and the demand for composting and fermentation turners is on the rise.
customer visit compost windrow turning machine

The client is looking at the organic fertilizer crusher, which is used to crush the compost after fermentation in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. After being treated by the crusher, the raw materials can be sent to the organic fertilizer granulator to form particles.

Then we introduced other organic fertilizer production equipment for customers, such as dryer, cooler, batching system, etc., and answered the part of interest to customers. The customer said that he was very happy to visit our company, and thanked our company for its warm and thoughtful reception. He was deeply impressed by our company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and advanced automation equipment technology, and looked forward to further exchanges and cooperation.