Hot air stove of compound fertilizer equipment sent to Nigeria


This week, our factory sent a hot air stove to Nigeria. As an auxiliary equipment of NPK fertilizer production line, the equipment can provide heat in compound fertilizer processing.

Features of compound fertilizer hot air stove

1.Compound fertilizer special hot air stove is a kind of heating equipment which uses coal (or diesel, natural gas) as fuel and air as medium. It can continuously provide hot air. The direct burning hot blast stove is characterized by flue gas after fuel combustion directly used for heating and drying.

2.This combustion hot air stove is used for directly heating the structure. In the NPK fertilizer production line, it is additionally composed of a combustion chamber, a primary dust reduction chamber, a secondary dust reduction chamber, and a third dust reduction chamber. The first-level dust reduction chamber maintains a relatively high temperature, so that the flammable volatile objects are fully burned completely, the fly ash is reduced, the furnace ash and the spark are separated into the third-level dust reduction chamber. Repeated dust reduction has ensured that the waste emissions of the entire NPK fertilizer production line meet the standard.
hot air stovehot air stove
3. Fuel is added from the furnace door to form a combustion layer on the furnace bar, and the air required for fuel combustion enters from the slag gate. If necessary, air shall be provided by the blower, and the fuel shall be burned by the furnace bar and combustion layer. The ash and slag shall fall into the meeting pit through the gap of the furnace bar and be discharged from the slag gate.

NPK fertilizer is made into particles by fertilizer granulator, but the product moisture is too high for packaging, so it needs to be dried. The hot air stove ensures the heat supply in the drying process. Choosing a good fertilizer equipment is the key. We are looking forward to cooperation with you and hope we can win. If you are interested, please contact us. We enclose the price of the product.