Fertilizer production equipment double roller press granulator exported to Turkey


A double roller press granulator in our factory has been loaded and ready to be sent to Turkey as shown in the figure. It is a main fertilizer granulator machine for NPK fertilizer production and is widely used in compound fertilizer industry.
double roller press granulator

The principle of double roller press granulator is relatively simple. It is to crush the material through a pair of relatively rotating extrusion rollers, thus forming the required size of particles. In the extrusion process, the crushed material forms flakes, then crushes through the roll shafts in the crushing chamber, and finally sieves the granular products of the required size. This granulation method has high requirements for the physical and chemical properties of materials, but it has many advantages. A NPK fertilizer production line of double roller granulator has a small footprint, low investment, high efficiency, and various raw materials. The fertilizer produced by the mixer is rich in nutrient content, no need to dry, and save energy. According to some data, fertilizer extrusion granulation saves 40% of fixed investment compared with steam drum granulation, and production energy consumption is saved by 60%, and the double roller granulator does not cause environmental pollution during the production process. In terms of material adaptability, it is more suitable for the granulation of some materials which are not suitable for liquid-phase granulation and thermal-sensitive materials, especially for the production of potassium chloride, calcium phosphate, ammonium sulfate and various compound fertilizers, and the granulation effect is very ideal.

There is a certain gap between the two rollers of the granulator machine. When the material reaches the top of the two rollers, the material first flows freely. When it enters the biting angle of the rollers, it is squeezed between the two rollers with the rotation of the rollers. Instead of flowing freely, it is compressed by the huge pressure of the rollers and reaches the two rollers. When the center is connected, the pressure reaches its peak value. At this time, the two semi-circle pits on the roll are relative, which extrudes the material into a complete prototype particle. However, due to the gap between the rolls, the material is in the state of flaky particles, which are connected together. Then the flaky material drops rapidly to zero with the roll skin rotating pressure and falls into the crushing chamber for crushing. With the stirring of the spike roller, the sheet material is broken up to form a small round particle, and in the process, a part of the powder is formed by the crushing, and they are crushed from the opposite roller by the double roller press granulator crushing chamber. The lower part of the product falls out and enters the next screening process to obtain fertilizer particles of suitable particle size.