Disc Fertilizer Granulator is Shipping to Malaysia


The disc fertilizer granulator is suitable for the granulation of round fertilizer granules of compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer. The granular products are easy to transport and store. The picture below shows the machine loading at the factory. This machine is being ship to Malaysia. We are fertilizer machine manufacturers, providing practical guidance for fertilizer granulation. You can also use the machine's sprinkler to add moisture to the material to increase the nutrients of the organic fertilizer during the granulation process.
fertilizer manufacturing process disc fertilizer granulator

The arc structure ensures the high granulation rate of the granulator. The machine has reasonable structure, light weight and flexible granulation position. Because the gasket can adjust the angle of the large disc, the unique powerless tool of the machine can reduce the power consumption.

The disc of the granulator consists of a disc body and a disc joint. The disc joint can be accommodated up and down. New design and good granulation effect. The diameter of homogeneous granulator and most particles is 3-5 mm.

The disc granulator is a large disc-shaped machine on the solid bottom. You can use it to make round granules of various materials. Using other fertilizer machines, you can use the disc fertilizer granulator to form an efficient fertilizer manufacturing process.

Application of disc fertilizer granulator
There are many kinds of granulation machine can be used for granulating, but the disc fertilizer granulator has a wide range of applications, so the granulation rate is high. These environmentally friendly granulators have many advantages, so they can help you make fertilizer.

Fertilizer pellets are produced using the disc fertilizer granulator and are highly adaptable. Moreover, since you can use it in many different ways, disc granulators for fertilizers can actually pellet more types of granules. Like pills, chemical pellets, livestock feed, briquettes, metal beads, sawdust, etc.

The granulator used in the fertilizer manufacturing process can also produce fertilizers of different concentrations or types, and is particularly suitable for granulation of rare earths, ammonium hydrogencarbonate and ammonium sulfate. If you are looking for a cost-effective granulator to reduce labor and increase productivity, the disc granulator machine is what you need.