Chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process Oman site


Chicken manure is a high quality raw material for bio-organic fertilizer. It can be treated harmlessly through the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. Bio-organic fertilizer products can be used in agricultural production and can obtain benefits. The following figure shows the equipment purchased by Oman customers on the site of local organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Chicken manure aerobic composting and trough compost turning machine technology
Aerobic composting technology uses chicken manure and straw, rice husk and other agricultural wastes. During the process of composting, some microorganisms use oxidation and synthesis methods to use part of organic matter for their own metabolic proliferation, organic matter that cannot be metabolized by microorganisms themselves. It is oxidized to inorganic substances while releasing energy. Agricultural resource waste such as straw and rice husk is also humified and resourced. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process makes the chicken manure into an organic compound fertilizer, and the chicken manure is treated harmlessly. The trough type turning machine realizes mechanized automatic turning material, and the trough compost turning machine is easy to operate, easy to maintain, low in turning cost and labor saving.
trough compost turning machine Oman site

As shown in the Oman organic fertilizer manufacturing process site, the organic fertilizer granulator machine is the central equipment for the manufacturing process of chicken manure pellet organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer granulator pelletizes the fermented compost into a plurality of nutrients and substances in the form of solid particles. Shells and bones in chicken food are sources of organic calcium. Calcium in chicken manure combines with uric acid to form an organic state, which gradually decomposes into a quicklime form as a composting material. The calcium from shells in chicken manure is about 20%. Therefore, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in chicken manure, it is also possible to balance acidity and alkalinity by increasing or decreasing lime. The raw materials in the organic fertilizer granulator machine should be appropriately added with lime to balance the pH.
organic fertilizer granulator machine Oman site