Cambodian Customers Visit Tianci Organic Fertilizer Production Line Machinery


On August 10th, customers from Cambodia came to the factory of the Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers for a pleasant visit, and visited our organic fertilizer production line machinery.

Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers is a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture and operation of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production equipment. Our equipment has passed ISO and other international certifications. Our products are mainly based on fertilizer equipment, including fertilizer granulator machine, crusher, rotary drum dryer, drum screening machine, etc., and have a number of patented fertilizer production equipment. Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers are in the leading position in China's fertilizer production equipment.

Customers coming from Cambodia are mainly interested in purchasing equipment related to the organic fertilizer production line, so we introduced our organic fertilizer production line in detail to our customers and took them to visit our fertilizer production equipment factory. As shown in the figure, our employees are introducing the relevant equipment of the organic fertilizer production line to customers. The compost turner is used to mix fermented feces and bacterial residues to promote compost maturity. Organic fertilizer crusher crushes compost to make raw materials suitable for the processing of fertilizer granulator machine. Drum screening machine is used to separate qualified particles from powder.
Cambodian Customers Visit Organic Fertilizer Production Line

In order to give customers a more intuitive understanding of our organic fertilizer production line, the general manager took the customer to a nearby organic fertilizer plant, which is using our designed organic fertilizer production line for fertilizer processing. Fertilizer granulator machine is the core of the whole organic fertilizer processing. The general manager explained the whole production process for customers and emphasized the importance of fertilizer granulator.
Cambodian Customers Visit Organic Fertilizer Production Line