BB Fertilizer Production line sold to Nigeria


BB fertilizer is bulk blending fertilizer, its formula is targeted, fertilizer effect is good. BB fertilizer formula is different, the proportion of NPK nutrients is different, suitable for different regions, the effectiveness of formula fertilizer is easy to be generally recognized. Compared with general fertilizer, BB fertilizer has better effect and is more convenient and economical.

BB fertilizer industry is developing rapidly in the international market. This month, Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers sold a BB fertilizer production line to Nigeria, which solved the local fertilizer production needs. Below is the pictures of BB Fertilizer shipment at the factory.

The BB fertilizer production equipment overcomes the phenomenon of particle chromatography or diversion caused by the different proportion and particle size of raw materials, and improves the proportioning accuracy. The BB fertilizer production line solves the influence of material characteristics, mechanical vibration, fluctuation of pressure and voltage, cold weather and other factors on the system. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and long service life. It is a better choice for the manufacturer of bulk blending fertilizer.
BB Fertilizer Production line sold

Ground feeding: Convenient and fast transportation of raw materials, no need for feeding hoist, fewer feeding workers, safe operation.

Big output: The output is 5t-10t per hour. There are many specifications to choose.

The equipment occupies small space: the batching system is placed under the ground, and the BB fertilizer production line has compact structure, small area and low height.

Fully automatic: computer control, fully automatic production, improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

High precision: electronic weighing is used for ingredients and packaging, and the proportion is strictly controlled.

Good production process: drum mixing, single bucket lifting, do not damage the original particle shape of the material, but also prevent the segregation of the finished product after mixing. BB fertilizer mixer adopts batch and batch mixing mode with high mixing uniformity.

Easy cleaning: There is no dead corner of the material in the production line. Cleaning after shutdown is convenient and simple.

Easy to manage: The main control room of the production line can monitor the running status of each component equipment, facilitate the connection with printers and computers, store more than 20 kinds of formulas, and truly realize the modernization of production management.

Strong adaptability: Suitable for all kinds of harsh site environment, including cold and humid areas.