South African customers visit our plant's organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment


Recently, the Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers warmly received two guests from South Africa. Accompanied by the main person in charge of the factory, South African customers visited the company's factory production workshop, finished equipment stacking area and machine site construction area. During the visit, our company's accompanying personnel gave customers a detailed product introduction and answered the questions raised by customers professionally. Rich professional knowledge and ability to work, but also for the customer left a deep impression.
customers visit fertilizer manufacturing equipment

First of all, the person in charge expressed a warm welcome to the customers, and introduced the current development and equipment sales of the enterprise, and introduced the main products of fertilizer machine manufacturers, including organic fertilizer manufacturing process, NPK compound fertilizer production line, fertilizer granulation production line, etc. Customers have a strong interest in our products.

Then, the person in charge led the customer to visit the production workshop of the factory. We introduced the production process and quality control of the machine to the customer in detail, and gave detailed answers to the customer's questions. After getting a satisfactory answer, the customer nodded frequently to express satisfaction. And in the process of explaining to customers, we have also carried out the trial operation of the double roller press granulator for customers, and the on-site material granulation effect is very good.

Through on-site inspection, South African customers highly praised the company's warm service, praised our company's modern organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment and high-quality fertilizer production line, fully affirmed and recognized our company's overall strength and industrial status, and expected to cooperate with our company for a long time.
customers visit fertilizer manufacturing equipmentcustomers visit fertilizer manufacturing equipment

In recent years, relying on high-quality equipment products, satisfactory services and reasonable prices, Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers have been developing and growing rapidly with the support of new and old customers. With the successful contact with South African customers, our company has taken a small step in the development process of foreign markets.