What Procedures Are Required to Establish A NPK Fertilizer Production Plant?


 The widespread use of npk compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer, as we know it is a case in point. it can say that organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer will replace other fertilizer gradually , and become a necessary fertilizer in crop growth.The production respect in organic fertilizer, got the support of a lot of experts energetically.At the same time in the equipment, also got the country's strong support.
  What Procedures Are Required to Establish A npk Fertilizer processing Plant
1.Business license. It also includes organization code certificate and tax registration certificate. It refers to the legal certificates issued by industrial and commercial administrative organs at all levels according to the provisions of the regulations of the People's Republic of China on the registration of enterprises as legal persons to enterprises owned by the whole people, collectively owned enterprises, joint ventures and other enterprises that need to register as legal persons according to law to prove that they have the right to lawful production and operation.
2. Environmental impact assessment report, which is assessed by the environmental protection department of some major construction projects, it is refers to the predictive assessment once the implementation of the impact of the region's surrounding environment.
3. NPK compound fertilizer registration certificate.The applicant shall be a fertilizer producer duly registered with the administrative department for industry and commerce with the status of an independent legal person. above are the procedures to establish a npk fertilizer and organic fertilizer processing plant.
Development Trend of npk compoundFertilizer Plant:
  Due to the higher level of modern agriculture, more and more attention has been paid to organic food. What take seriously subsequently is ecological agriculture. Because only ecological agriculture can produce ecological food.In this regard, the state has invested a large amount of support both in terms of the strength of national policy support and in actual actions.  
  In terms of policy support, many local governments have given a lot of help. Especially in the use of waste, disposal of some waste articles of daily use received strong support, because doing so on the one hand not only to deal with household garbage, reduce environmental pollution, but also on the other hand, producing the valuable organic fertilizer.
1.Batching System Series
2. Vertical Mixer
3. Rotary drum granulator
4. Rotary Dryer 
5. Other facilities
6. Rotary Cooler
7. Rotary Screener
8. Chain Crusher
9. Coating Machine   
10. Automatic Fertilizer Packing Machine