What Matters Need Attention In Application Of NPK Compound Fertilizer ?


  Organic fertilizer and npk compound fertilizer  is granully become the main fertilizer in the planting of agricultural and commercial crops. NPK fertilizer containing two or more than a large number of elements, which can provide rich nutrition for soil and plant growth and development. while what matters need attention in application of NPK compound fertilizer ?
  Compound fertilizer has different concentration, we should pay attention to choose the appropriate concentration. At present, most compound fertilizers are distributed according to the average nutrient status of soil types and the proportion of fertilizer needed by crops in a certain region.There are high, medium and low concentration series of compound fertilizers on the market. Generally, the total nutrients in low concentration are between 25% and 30%, the medium concentration is between 30% and 40%, and the high concentration is above 40%.

  Economical and efficient compound fertilizer should be used according to different regions, soils and crops.Generally, high concentration compound fertilizer is used for economic crops with excellent quality, less residue and high utilization rate.Compound fertilizer is of high concentration. Avoid direct contact between seeds and fertilizer.The nutrient content of compound fertilizer is high. If it comes into direct contact with seed or seedling root system, it will affect seedling emergence and even burn seedling and rotten root.When sowing, the seed should be mixed with acupuncture point apply, strip apply compound fertilizer apart 5-10 centimeters.

  Matters Need Attention In Application of NPK Compound Fertilizer:
  The compound fertilizer proportion raw material is different, should pay attention to the nutrient composition. Different brands and concentrations of compound fertilizers use different raw materials, which should be selected and used according to soil type and crop type in production.Compound fertilizers containing nitrates should not be used in leafy vegetables and paddy fields.Compound fertilizers containing ammonium ions should not be applied on saline-alkali land.Compound fertilizer containing potassium chloride or chloride ion should not be used on crops or saline-alkali land.Compound fertilizer containing potassium sulfate should not be applied in paddy fields and acid soil.Otherwise, it will reduce fertility and even poison crops.
  Compound fertilizer containing two or more than a large number of elements, Nitrogen surface application is liable to volatilization loss or loss with rainwater, phosphorus and potassium are fixed by soil, especially the mobility of phosphorus in the soil is small, not easy to be absorbed by crops root in surface, is unfavorable to deep root system, drought conditions in the fertilizer can't dissolve in exploiting the worse, so compound fertilizer should be applied deeply in soil.