How to Use Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process to Turn Cattle Manure into Organic Fertilizer


A conventional cattle farm, if its waste is not properly disposed of, will bring great harm to the surrounding residents and the natural environment. For example, an adult cow can defecate 25-30 kilograms a day, and a beef cattle can defecate about 25 kilograms. These cattle manure can be converted into high quality organic fertilizer for planting. The main equipment of cattle manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process is fermentation equipment and cow manure dehydration equipment. Other equipment includes granulator, crusher, mixer, screening machine, packing machine and other supporting equipment.

Fermentation is the most important way to turn cattle manure into organic fertilizer. Trough compost turning machine is usually used in industrial production because the enclosure structure can be built in the fermentation tank. This fermentation method is especially suitable for low temperature areas and colder climates. Trough fermentation covers about one third of the strip stacking area, and the turnover efficiency of trough compost turning machine is higher, and the fermentation efficiency is greatly improved.

Vertical fast fermenter fermentation is the latest developed fermentation method. Its characteristics are the smallest area, higher efficiency, less than a week of fermentation cycle, suitable for large-scale farms. However, this approach has some limitations.

Windrow turning machine is suitable for the form of fermentation on the ground, because many small and medium-sized farms commonly use batch fermentation, so the use of compost windrow turning machine can achieve ground walking to treat fermentation products. The windrow turning machine has the advantages of simple processing equipment and low cost.
compost windrow turning machine