Processing Technology of BB Fertilizer Production Line


BB fertilizer is made up of different base fertilizer granules mixed by BB fertilizer mixer. Many of the effective ingredients of compound fertilizers sold on the market are below 50%, and the nutrient ratio is low. At the same time, the nutrient ratio does not meet the demand of crops for nutrients, which results in a great waste. The fertilizer prepared by BB fertilizer production line is processed on the basis of considering the characteristics of crop fertilizer requirement and referring to the local soil nutrient supply, so BB fertilizer products are reliable, scientific and targeted.

However, the various base fertilizers have different particle sizes, different shapes, and different densities. They are prone to segregation and stratification during storage and transportation, resulting in uneven nutrient content and affecting fertilization effects. Moreover, BB fertilizer has a shorter storage period, which usually requires the product to be used nearby. Therefore, BB fertilizer production equipment has a smaller coverage.

Processing Technology of BB Fertilizer Production Line
BB Fertilizer Production Line
Automatic batching system
The automatic batching system is fed according to the formula of BB fertilizer. The formula of BB fertilizer is designed according to the nutrient characteristics of crops (i.e. the amount and proportion of main nutrients absorbed by crops), referring to the characteristics of local soil fertilizer supply and the level of organic fertilizer application. BB fertilizer ingredients determine the characteristics of fertilizer efficiency, so before BB fertilizer production line processing, BB fertilizer ingredients were designed through fertilizer experiments. Different fertilizers are put into mixing according to the prescribed proportion, and the automatic batching system ensures the accuracy of the formulation.

BB fertilizer mixer is a BB fertilizer production equipment specially designed by our factory. BB fertilizer mixer overcomes the diversion phenomenon caused by the different proportion and particle size of materials in the downward flow process and improves the proportioning accuracy. BB fertilizer mixer improves the quality of fertilizer mixing.

Packing machine put material into bags and sew bags automatically to realize quantitative packaging of BB fertilizer. The packing machine packs BB fertilizer products into separate bags, which can be sold as fertilizer products.