Newly bought rotary drum granulator should pay attention to what operational matters


Rotary drum granulator is the core equipment of NPK compound fertilizer production. What operational items should be paid attention to when the newly purchased drum granulator is used for the first time?

1.The newly purchased rotary drum granulator components have not yet run in and may come to a standstill. Therefore, the operators need to raise the temperature of the equipment when they first use it. First, they need to raise the temperature to pull the motor triangle belt by hand until they are comfortable. The motor can be connected and pulled 8-10 times according to the normal working options, and gradually raise the temperature, which takes about 40-50 minutes.
rotary drum granulator

2. In addition to preliminary temperature regulation, the rotary drum granulator needs to continue to heat up and supplement heat after starting. At the same time, it also needs to adjust to different temperatures according to different properties of materials.

3. When the equipment of the NPK fertilizer production line is working normally, the temperature of the granulator should be kept stable, and the temperature of the granulator should not be too high or too low. Near the vent hole, the temperature of the machine head should be kept at about 200 degrees. At this temperature, most materials can be processed well.

4. When stopping the machine, the operator should completely cut off the power supply, and take off the parts with wrenches in the head of the equipment, and wait for preheating alone before the next use.

Above are some operation matters that should be paid attention to when the drum granulator is first used. Rotary drum granulator can process organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer and other granular fertilizers. It has an irreplaceable advantage in the production process. The drum granulator equipment series is an essential fertilizer granulator machine for every fertilizer manufacturer. The granulator can produce the average size of granules by making the hardened or lump fertilizer. Therefore, we should pay attention to some operational items for the first time, which not only guarantees the safety of operation, but also makes better use of the granulator, and the efficiency is higher.