How to Avoid Fertilizer Blocking Screen Mesh in Drum Screener


Whether it is the simple treatment of organic fertilizer powder, or the fine processing of organic fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line, it needs the screening of drum screener machine. In the case of wet raw materials, the screen is easily blocked, especially in the screening after composting crushing, the compost moisture content is higher, and the drum screener is more easily blocked. In order to solve the problem of screen clogging, we specially designed a device to improve the drum screener machine. By installing belt flapping device on the drum screener, we can reduce the material of screen clogging, thereby reducing the blocking.

Influence of screen blockage on drum screener
Screen blockage is a possible problem in the production of fertilizers by drum screener machine. Once the blockage occurs, it will cause excessive returns in organic fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line, and reduce production efficiency. In the process of screen clogging, the bonding material will roll more and more, and the load of motor will continue to increase. It not only wastes electricity, but also may burn the motor. More seriously, it will cause the breakage of the big axle of the drum screening machine, which will lead to the reduction or even stop operation of the whole fertilizer production line, and bring great losses to the fertilizer plant.

Belt flapping device of drum screener
drum screener
The belt flapping device is installed on the drum screen machine, which greatly reduces the material clogging fault of the screener machine in the fertilizer production line. When the drum screener rotates, the beating device is fixed. The flapping device continuously beats the material on the screen, and beats down the wet material sticking to the drum screen. The drum screener rotates continuously, and the flapping device continuously knocks off the material to ensure that the screen is not blocked. The length of belt tapping device should not be too long to avoid weakening the tapping force.