Fertilizer automatic packing machine factory direct sale


There are many kinds of fertilizer products, including chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer and so on. Fertilizer automatic packing machine is a general term for packing equipment of fertilizer products. It is generally divided into particle packaging machine and powder packaging machine according to the physical characteristics of fertilizer products. Let's take a look at the fertilizer packing machine.

After continuous development of fertilizer packaging machines, from the initial mechanical control to the current mechatronics industrial control, it is developed step by step, and the development direction of the fertilizer packaging machine is determined by the market demand. Satisfying the needs of the market is the premise of winning in the increasingly fierce competition. For the fertilizer packaging machine, the merchant not only requires measurement accuracy, aesthetic appearance, but also the stability and speed requirements of the machine.

Due to the diversification of fertilizer products, the granules made by different fertilizer granulator have different appearances. Fertilizers present on the market are powdery, granular, and cylindrical. In order to make the fertilizer packaging machine adapt to the packaging requirements of different shapes and materials, we have made professional upgrades to various packaging equipment. For example, when packaging powders, the powder packaging machine is more complicated than the particles because of the poor fluidity of the powder. The targeted use of packaging equipment not only improves packaging efficiency, but also extends equipment life.
automatic packing machine for NPK fertilizer production line
The present fertilizer packing machine adopts PLC industrial control, and the blanking, weighing and metering and programmable computer controller are connected seamlessly to meet the continuous production needs of NPK fertilizer production line. The research and development of fertilizer packaging machinery is also in the direction of high-speed, multi-functional and intelligent control to meet the market demand.

At the last step of NPK fertilizer production line, the fertilizer packaging machine tightly packages the granular goods to isolate the outside air, and also has the effect of moisture-proof and pollution-proof. In particular, the packaging of fertilizer is not easy to cause volatilization, so the quality of the products is guaranteed.