Production of alkaline npk fertilizer to reduce banana Fusarium wilt


Banana Fusarium wilt is one of the most harmful diseases to bananas. It can be transmitted through sucking buds, soil, rainwater, irrigation water, airflow and tools. Fusarium oxysporum can live in soil for a long time, and it is difficult to eradicate by general medicines. Banana Fusarium wilt has seriously hindered the development of banana industry.

Fertilizer production line equipment is used to produce special alkaline fertilizer. Applying alkaline fertilizer to soil and controlling disease by changing soil acidity is a method and way to reduce Banana Fusarium wilt. Soil acidification is one of the main reasons for the spread of Banana Fusarium wilt. The occurrence of Banana Fusarium wilt can be effectively controlled by adjusting soil pH. Neutral or alkaline environment can inhibit the germination of fungi including Fusarium oxysporum. The methods of regulating soil acidity mainly include the application of alkaline amendments such as lime, phosphorus fertilizer, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus fertilizer in acidic soil. Moreover, scientific application can improve soil pH and acidic soil. However, long-term abuse may have a negative impact on Soil and plants, such as soil salt damage, soil nitrogen volatilization loss, soil compaction, heavy metal pollution and so on.

NPK fertilizer production line processing special alkaline fertilizer
npk fertilizer production line
NPK fertilizer can change the acid-alkali environment of the soil affected by Banana Fusarium wilt by adjusting the soil pH value, thus improving the soil microbial community.
The key of NPK fertilizer production line to process this kind of special fertilizer is the batching. The batching system makes different fertilizers into required raw materials according to a certain proportion. Through the treatment of the batching system, we can get the NPK fertilizer we need. The mixer is used to mix the raw materials evenly and then feed them into the fertilizer granulator to form granules for easy storage.