A lot of elements of water soluble fertilizer


 water soluble fertilizer with lots of elements(industry standard for NY1107-2010) according to their different elements can be divided into a balanced, high nitrogen, high phosphorus type, high potassium type and special fertilizer. It is fully soluble in water, nutritious, easy to be absorbed, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, good compatibility and so on.

1.high nitrogen water soluble fertilizer (32-10-10 + TE) can regulate the coordinated development of crop vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and enhance crop resistance to adversity.
2.high phosphorus water soluble fertilizer (12-50-7 + TE) can effectively promote the growth of crop roots, flower bud differentiation, protect flower and fruit, improve fruit quantity, with a large number of buffer ions, to meet the acid Requirements, while it’s also very helpful to improvement of alkaline soil
3, high potassium water soluble fertilizer (14-6-40 + TE) is used for growing out of the fruit, it can reduce the fruit drop, reduce the deformity fruit, so that the fruit size is uniform, fast expansion, fast coloring, smooth skin shiny glossy, Increase the sweet, in the increase in production while improving quality.
Water-soluble fertilizer as a quick-acting fertilizer, nutrient elements more comprehensive, and according to the characteristics of different crops need fertilizer, the corresponding fertilizer has a different formula, there are various water-soluble fertilizer in market for vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, food, cotton, oil and other crops. The general consumption area is mainly concentrated in the greenhouse vegetable production base, fruit tree production base and some flowers and other planting areas, water-soluble fertilizer used for farmland nutrient imbalance is very effective, it’s best effect used for soil fertilization especially , it meets the crop growth period of nutritional needs , A wide range of applications, containing a high proportion of nitrate and urea nitrogen, balanced supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to promote plant leaves rapid thick green, root and stem balanced growth. Prevent crop leggy, balanced nutrition, increase production, enhance quality.
Although the water-soluble fertilizer in the domestic just starts , but the water-soluble fertilizer products and application technology in line with "low-carbon energy, efficient environmental protection" requirements, with broad market prospect.