Some immiscible fertilizer you should know


 In order to reduce the number of fertilization and laboring In agricultural production, people often mixed different fertilizer together and apply it, which caused the situation that crops was dried-up, burned to die, or fertilizer efficiency offset, and result in the reduction of output. Now lets introduce several kinds of immiscible fertilizer.
1.Calcium superphosphate cannot mixed use with plant ash, lime nitrogen and lime etc. alkaline fertilizer. Because calcium superphosphate is contained with free acid, but above alkaline fertilizer contain with much calcium, if mixed use with calcium superphosphate fertilizer, which can lead to acid-base reaction, not only reduce fertilizer effect, but also make the calcium fixed phosphate, lead to its destruction.

2. Basic fertilizer such as calcium, magnesium and phosphate can not be mixed use with ammonium fertilizer. If basic fertilizer mixed use with ammonium nitrogen fertilizer (Ammonium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, etc),
that will cause Ammonia volatilization and reduce fertilizer efficiency. The manure of human and animal manure can not be mixed with calcium, magnesium, phosphate, straw ash, lime nitrogen and lime.Because the main component of human dung is nitrogen.If it is mixed with alkaline fertilizer, the assembly will fail.

3.Unrotten farmyard manure can't mingle with ammonium nitrate, because unrotten farmyard manure can be absorbed after decomposition decay by crops, if mixed with ammonium nitrate, the nitrogen of unrotten farmyard manure will loss in the process of decomposition, so people can't mixed use them together, otherwise both of them will be damaged, and reduce fertilizer efficiency.

4. Chemical fertilizer cannot be mixed with bacterial fertilizers such as rhizobium.Because chemical fertilizer has a large corrosive, volatile and water absorbent characters, if mixed with bacterium fertilizer, which can kill or restrain live bacterium body, and make fertilizer fail.

5.Ammonia can’t mixed use with human excrement, plant ash, potash, ammonium phosphate, urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate can’t mixed use with plant ash, human waste, potash etc., ammonium sulphate can't mingle with plant ash, ammonium bicarbonate, etc, ammonium nitrate can’t mixed use with plant ash, ammonia, etc.

6.Zinc sulfate and calcium superphosphate have a "antagonistic effect", and zinc and phosphite are easy to form zinc phosphate deposits, which can inhibit zinc sulfate and reduce the effectiveness of zinc sulfate. Therefore they should be used separately, make the phosphate fertilizer as the base fertilizer, and make the zinc fertilizer as the additional fertilizer, or make the zinc fertilizer as the foundation fertilizer, and make the phosphate fertilizer as the additional fertilizer. Meanwhile the zinc should not be mixed with the alkaline fertilizer, otherwise will reduce the fertilizer efficiency.