Humic acid + fertilizer! What's this?


 Humic acid from the soil, fed soil fertilizers derived from the essential properties of humic acid. At present, facing the soil, fertilizer, food, environment and other security issues, we must timely adjust the direction of development of fertilizer industry, build "soil and fertilizer harmony" new relationship. Humic acid as a "nutrient" of soil nutrients is a bridge link linking "soil-fertilizer-plant nutrition". Under the guidance of Humic Acid, Plant Mineral Nutrition, how can we master the technical requirements of "humic acid"?

First, the humic acid + macronutrients
Group structure efficiency
Humic acid combined with nitrogen fertilizer, can reduce the loss of nitrogen fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer; humic acid combined with phosphate fertilizer, can activate phosphorus, improve the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer season; humic acid and potassium fertilizer can be activated potassium, promote crop potassium absorption
Adduct product
Humic acid + nitrogen = humic acid nitrogen fertilizer, as well as humic acid urea, as well as humic acid ammonium; humic acid + phosphorus = humic acid phosphate; humic acid + potassium = humic acid potassium fertilizer;

Second, humic acid + the amount of nutrients
Group structure efficiency
Humic acid through the adsorption, chelating, complexation, ion exchange and other effects, the amount of elements play a storage, protection and synergistic effect, reduce the amount of nutrients in the soil fixation, improve nutrient utilization, promote crop absorption.
Adduct product
Humic acid + calcium = humic acid calcium fertilizer; humic acid + magnesium = humic acid magnesium fertilizer; humic acid + sulfur = humic acid sulfur fertilizer;

Third, the humic acid + micro-nutrients
Group structure efficiency
Humic acid as a chelating agent and surfactant, can improve the fertilizer effect of trace elements, and promote crop absorption of trace elements. At the same time, humic acid, fulvic acid as a chelating agent, its cost is better than other types of products.
Adduct product
Humic acid + iron = humic acid iron fertilizer; humic acid + manganese = humic acid manganese fertilizer; humic acid + zinc = humic acid zinc fertilizer;

Four, humic acid + beneficial elements
Group structure efficiency
Humic acid through the adsorption, network (chelate), redox and other effects, can be activated, synergistic beneficial elements to improve the beneficial elements of fertilizer efficiency, and promote crop absorption of beneficial elements.
Adduct product
Humic acid + silicon = humic acid silicon fertilizer; humic acid + selenium = humic acid selenium fertilizer; humic acid + sodium = humic acid sodium fertilizer;

Five, humic acid + beneficial microbes
Group structure efficiency
Humic acid and beneficial microbial compound, on the one hand humic acid can promote the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, enhance beneficial microbial activity; on the contrary promote further decomposition and synthesis of humic acid, in order to facilitate plant absorption and growth. The combination of the two, complementary advantages.
Adduct product
Humic acid + nitrogen-fixing bacteria = humic acid nitrogen fixation fertilizer; humic acid + phosphate-dissolving bacteria = humic acid phosphate fertilizer; humic acid + potassium solution = humic acid solution potassium fertilizer;

The humic acid add in the land, long in the rural, will help to promote the construction of "beautiful villages, green rural", also let the humic acid get it’s own home.